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Allow Support For Free Downloads

By default, if you don’t have the “Require License Key” option enabled, EDD Support Tickets does not allow customers to get support if they only have a free download. Support is only for customers who have paid for an item. You can override this behavior and allow those customers to get support for free downloads. Here is how:

Note: The following snippet will enable support for free products, even if you have the “Require License Key” option enabled. Anybody with a free product will be able to get support for that product, with or without a license.

Here is how to enable support for free downloads:

Add this to your functions file:

 * Grant support access for free downloads.

add_filter( 'eddstix_support_free_downloads', 'my_eddstix_support_free_downloads' );
function my_eddstix_support_free_downloads( $false ) {
	return true;

Updated on December 6, 2017

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