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Where To Return After Replying To a Ticket in Admin

When an agent replies to a ticket, the default behavior is to return to the same “Edit ticket” page after submitting the reply (after clicking “Reply”).

If an agent has many tickets to reply to, you may prefer to be immediately returned to the admin tickets list (“All Tickets”) after replying to a ticket. Each staff member can enable this behavior for themselves. To do so, go to “Users” –> “Your Profile”, or hover over your username on the right corner of the Admin Tool Bar and click “Edit My Profile”.

Then, scroll down to “EDD Support Tickets Preferences” and you’ll see a setting named, “After Reply”. Set that to “back to list” and click “Update Profile”.

Alternatively you can set it to “Always ask”. That will add a radio button select above the “Reply” button at the bottom of the Edit Ticket page. When you’re adding a reply to a ticket, you’ll be able to select whether to stay on the same ticket screen, or to return to the tickets list.

Updated on December 6, 2017

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