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Reply To a Ticket

To reply to a ticket, go to the Tickets admin screen. Click on the ticket which you want to reply to. (Alternatively, you can click the link in your email notification which you received when the customer opened/replied to a ticket.)

The is the “Edit Ticket” page, and this is where you (support agents) reply to tickets. The ticket content is at the top, and all replies are listed underneath:

EDD Support Tickets, Reply To a Ticket

If you want to see a list of all tickets by this customer, you can click “(customer tickets)” in the Stakeholders meta box. That will show a list of all tickets for the customer, like this:

EDD Support Tickets, Tickets By Customer

Note that agents can only see a list of all ticket titles for the customer, but agents will not be able to see the ticket content unless that ticket was assigned to them. (The exception to this is if you enable “Allow Agents To See All” in the plugin settings. Support Supervisors and EDD Shop Managers can always see everyone’s tickets. In addition, EDD Shop Managers can also see a list of all tickets for a customer in the Downloads –> Customers view for a customer. There is a new Support Tickets tab added to any customer that has opened a ticket.)

On the “Tickets by Customer” screen, click “Go Back” to go back to the ticket. After you type a reply, click either “Reply” or “Reply & Close” at the bottom (“Reply & Close” will simultaneously reply and close the ticket).

The customer will get an email notification of your reply (you can disable notifications in the plugin settings).

Updated on December 6, 2017

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