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Require License Key

If you enable the “Require license key” option, customers must have a valid license key in order to access the support ticket form. This option requires the official EDD Software Licensing extension. If you enable this option, but don’t have the Software Licensing extension, this option will be ignored.

With this option enabled, customers only need a valid key. Valid means that it is not expired, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be active. This is in order to provide a better customer experience since customers will usually purchase an item, have a valid license, and not necessarily activate it right away.

If a customer’s license key is expired or disabled, or if they don’t have a license key, they will see this customizable message:

EDD Support Tickets support notice

If you don’t enable the “Require license key” option, anyone who has purchased a download from your store can access support, unless their payment has been refunded or revoked. Customers with expired license keys will be able to access support, as long as they payed for a download. However, registered customers with abandoned carts, who never actually bought anything, cannot access support.

Updated on December 6, 2017

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