EDD Support Tickets

EDD Support Tickets Custom Roles and Capabilities

EDD Support Tickets adds 2 custom roles: Support Supervisor and Support Agent. In addition, the capabilities of Support Supervisor are also given to the EDD Shop Manager, and the capabilities of Support Agent are given to the EDD Shop Worker. This is so you can choose to either have separate support staff, or have your EDD Shop Managers/Workers handle your support.

Support Supervisor

The Support Supervisor has full support ticket capabilities. This includes the ability to manage, edit, reply to, and delete all support tickets regardless of who the ticket is assigned to. This also includes the ability to manage the Ticket Settings (plugin settings). In addition, the Support Supervisor is given all the capabilities of the default Editor role. (They are not given capabilities for Downloads).

Like the Support Supervisor, the EDD Shop Manager has full support ticket capabilities.

Support Agent

Support Agents can only view, edit, and reply to tickets which are assigned to them. Like the Support Agent, the EDD Shop Worker can only see, edit, and reply to tickets assigned to him/her. (You can override this.)

Support Agents are not given any capabilities for posts or Downloads. The Support Agent role should be used if no access other than Support Tickets is required.

Support Agents and EDD Shop Workers cannot manage the Ticket Settings (plugin settings), nor can they delete tickets. They can “close” tickets, but not delete them.

Updated on December 6, 2017

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