EDD Support Tickets

Open a New Ticket in The Back End

On the rare occasion that a support agent needs to create a new ticket in the back end on behalf of a customer, it is easy to do. Go to Tickets –> Add New. Enter a title and some content for the ticket.

In the “Stakeholders” meta box, set the “Support Customer” and the “Support Staff” member for this ticket. Note that regular support agents cannot assign other staff members unless the “Allow Agents To See All” option is enabled. By default, they can only assign the ticket to themselves. However, Support Supervisors and EDD Shop Managers can assign tickets to any staff member.

Click “Open Ticket” in the Details meta box. The ticket will automatically be given the “In Progress” status rather the “New Ticket” status since it was created by an agent in the back end.

Updated on December 6, 2017

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