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Customizing The Breadcrumb on Front-end Ticket Page

When viewing a ticket on the front end, there is a breadcrumb which links back to the “My Tickets” page (the list of all tickets for a customer). This breadcrumb also appears on the ticket submission page (“Open a Ticket” page).

You can add a link to your site’s home page to the beginning of the breadcrumb with the following snippet. Note that you’ll also want to use the snippet below that to remove the left arrow from the “My Tickets” link.

 * Add a link to Home page at the beginning of the breadcrumb

add_filter( 'eddstix_crumb_link', 'my_eddstix_crumb_home_link' );

function my_eddstix_crumb_home_link( $link ) {
	$my_link = '<a href="' . home_url() . '">Home</a> ';
	return $my_link . $link;

The following snippet removes the left arrow from the “My Tickets” breadcrumb link.

 * Remove left arrow from "My Tickets" breadcrumb link

add_filter( 'eddstix_crumb_text', 'my_eddstix_crumb_text' );
function my_eddstix_crumb_text( $text ) {
	return get_the_title( eddstix_get_option( 'ticket_list' ) );

You can remove this breadcrumb altogether with the following filter.

 * Remove breadcrumb.

function my_eddstix_breadcrumb( $crumb ) {
add_filter('eddstix_breadcrumb', 'my_eddstix_breadcrumb');

To change the text on the “My Tickets” link, see Change Breadcrumb Link Text on Front-end Ticket page.

Updated on December 6, 2017

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