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Move The “Open a ticket” Link To The Bottom

The customer’s front end “My Tickets” page has a link to “Open a ticket” on the top right corner of the page. You can move the “Open a ticket” link to the bottom, underneath the list of all tickets, with this snippet:

 * Move the Open a ticket link to the bottom, after tickets list

add_action( 'init', 'my_move_open_ticket_button_to_bottom' );

function my_move_open_ticket_button_to_bottom() {
	remove_action( 'eddstix_tickets_list_before', 'eddstix_open_ticket_button' );
	add_action( 'eddstix_tickets_list_after', 'eddstix_open_ticket_button' );

If you want to align the link to the left (since default is to the right), add this CSS:

.eddstix-ticket-list .eddstix-btn-open-ticket{float:none;margin-left:0;}

Updated on December 6, 2017

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