Isabel Castillo, Software Developer

Isabel Castillo Miami

About Me

When I’m not complaining that “this was all fields,” I can be found building something on my Linux computer. I’ve been developing software and web apps for over 14 years. Proficient, yet always learning. What you’ll find here is mostly practical snippets of code. Consider them whispers from the other side to aid in your quest to build the perfect project.


In the past, I used to contribute to WordPress – my digital footprints linger there.

I also had an active GitHub account, but with Microsoft’s acquisition, I felt a shift in the wind and deleted my work from there. I didn’t know at the time (2018) that my openly available GitHub code had already been usurped to help build Microsoft’s Copilot. Which I guess I don’t really mind anymore.

This blog was deleted for 2 years. With the mass adoption of ChatGPT in 2022, I found myself disillusioned with publishing online and chose to remove the blog. Now in 2024, I decided to put it back online.

Gloomy Tree by Isabel CastilloBlack Raven by Isabel Castillo