EDD Support Tickets

Setup Instructions

When you first install the EDD Support Tickets plugin, you’ll be asked whether you’re supporting multiple products or a single product on your site. See this to help you decide.

After you decide that, go to Tickets –> Settings to setup the most important settings. These are:

  1. Require License Key
    Are you going to require a valid license key for support, or simply support all paying customers? If you don’t use license keys, leave this option disabled. See this for details to help you decide. By default, this option is disabled.
  2. Allow Registrations
    Are you going to allow customers to register? You have the option to enable registration for everyone, or only for EDD customers, or disable it altogether. If you disable registration with this option, only existing registered EDD customers will be able to log on for support. See this to help you decide. By default, only EDD customers can register.
  3. Auto-assignment
    On the plugin settings “Auto-assignment” tab, you must decide who your support agents will be. Do you have multiple support agents, or or will you designate one agent to handle all support tickets? See this for specific details to help you decide. If you don’t do anything, the default behavior is that all support tickets are assigned only to administrators.

Optional Settings

By default, all email notifications are enabled. Look at the plugin settings “Emails” tab to see if you want to disable any of the notifications.

By default, customers are allowed to upload files to attach to their support tickets. You can disable that on the “File Upload” tab of the settings.

By default, support agents (with the Support Agent or Shop Worker role) can only see tickets which are assigned to them. They cannot see tickets which are assigned to other agents. You can override this and allow agents to see everyone’s tickets. To do this, go to the settings “Advanced” tab, and enable the “Allow Agents To See All” option. Before doing that, see this for details.

Add The Plugin Pages To Your Menu

To submit a support request, customers must go to the “Open a Ticket” page. This page is automatically created by the plugin, but you must add it to your site’s menu so that your customers can reach it. You can rename this page to anything you like. For example, you can name it “Support” for a simple support experience. After all, that’s what customer’s are going to that page for.

To see a list of all of their existing tickets, customers must go to the “My Tickets” page. This page is also automatically created by the plugin, but you must add it to your site’s menu so that your customers can reach it, easily. This is optional since the “Open a Ticket” page has a breadcrumb link to the “My Tickets” page. Also, each individual ticket has a breadcrumb link back the “My Tickets” page.

Also, the “My Tickets” page has a link to the “Open a Ticket” page. So, both pages link to each other, but it’s probably easier for your customers to have links to both pages for easy access from anywhere on your site.

That’s it. The plugin is now fully functional and you can start receiving and answering support tickets.

Version Updates

If you want to receive version updates for EDD Support Tickets in your WordPress dashboard, enter your license key at Tickets –> Settings –> Licenses tab. This is recommended so that you’ll receive any security and maintenance updates. You can find your license key in the purchase receipt email that was sent to you. You can also see your license key by logging in to your account.

Updated on December 6, 2017

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