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EDD Support Tickets, auto-assignment settings

Auto-assignment means that the plugin will automatically assign support tickets to agents in your pool of available agents. Tickets are assigned fairly to the support agent with the least number of open tickets.

To see the Auto-assignment options, go to Tickets –> Settings and click on the “Auto-assignment” tab.

If you have only one person who will handle all of your support tickets, then you do not need auto-assignment. In this case, disable auto-assignment and select a “Default Agent.”

If you have more than one person to handle your support tickets, then you must decide which role to give them. The plugin creates 2 custom roles. Either one can serve as a support agent: Support Supervisor and Support Agent. In addition, EDD Shop Manager and Shop Worker can also serve as support agents. And, of course, administrators can also serve as support agents.

See this to help you decide which role to give to your support agents. After you decide, check all the roles that should be part of the agent pool in the “Staff Available For Auto-assignment” option. Please note that if you enable a role in this option, it means that every user with that role will be in the pool of available support agents.

If you’re using Auto-assignment, disregard the “Disable Auto-assignment” and “Default Agent” settings.

Updated on December 6, 2017

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