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State by State Coronavirus Cases as Percentage of Population Tracker

This tracks the confirmed coronavirus cases as a percent of the population for each state in the USA.

States are listed in order by those with the highest percentage of the population with confirmed coronavirus COVID-19.

(To see the rate of increase for US COVID-19 cases, see this, or rate of increase for US COVID-19 deaths, see this. Or see coronavirus deaths as a percent of the population for each state, or more coronavirus trackers here.)

Below the bar chart, you will find the table of numbers in case you prefer to see the actual data. Jump down there. Or, jump down to see the source of this data.

Note: Data as of September 25, 2020.

Louisiana 4,648,794 165,152 3.55258 %
Florida 21,477,737 695,879 3.24000 %
Mississippi 2,976,149 96,032 3.22672 %
Alabama 4,903,185 150,658 3.07266 %
Arizona 7,278,717 216,367 2.97260 %
South Carolina 5,148,714 143,902 2.79491 %
Georgia 10,617,423 296,089 2.78871 %
Tennessee 6,829,174 186,769 2.73487 %
Iowa 3,155,070 85,031 2.69506 %
Arkansas 3,017,804 79,946 2.64914 %
Texas 28,995,881 761,644 2.62673 %
North Dakota 762,062 19,888 2.60976 %
Nevada 3,080,156 77,930 2.53007 %
New York 19,453,561 458,466 2.35672 %
South Dakota 884,659 20,554 2.32338 %
New Jersey 8,882,190 203,891 2.29550 %
Rhode Island 1,059,361 24,181 2.28260 %
Illinois 12,671,821 287,375 2.26783 %
Idaho 1,787,065 40,228 2.25107 %
Nebraska 1,934,408 43,162 2.23128 %
District of Columbia 705,749 15,163 2.14850 %
Utah 3,205,958 68,536 2.13777 %
Oklahoma 3,956,971 82,520 2.08543 %
Delaware 973,764 20,085 2.06261 %
California 39,512,223 805,733 2.03920 %
Maryland 6,045,680 122,850 2.03203 %
Wisconsin 5,822,434 117,355 2.01557 %
Missouri 6,137,428 123,168 2.00683 %
Kansas 2,913,314 57,813 1.98444 %
North Carolina 10,488,084 204,658 1.95134 %
Massachusetts 6,892,503 129,481 1.87858 %
Indiana 6,732,219 117,656 1.74766 %
Virginia 8,535,519 144,433 1.69214 %
Minnesota 5,639,632 94,241 1.67105 %
Connecticut 3,565,287 56,587 1.58717 %
Kentucky 4,467,673 69,150 1.54779 %
Puerto Rico 3,193,694 44,905 1.40605 %
New Mexico 2,096,829 28,487 1.35858 %
Michigan 9,986,857 133,443 1.33619 %
Ohio 11,689,100 148,894 1.27378 %
Pennsylvania 12,801,989 159,051 1.24239 %
Colorado 5,758,736 68,506 1.18960 %
Washington 7,614,893 89,149 1.17072 %
Alaska 731,545 8,133 1.11176 %
Montana 1,068,778 11,656 1.09059 %
Wyoming 578,759 5,420 0.93649 %
Hawaii 1,415,872 12,039 0.85029 %
West Virginia 1,792,147 14,953 0.83436 %
Oregon 4,217,737 32,328 0.76648 %
New Hampshire 1,359,711 8,085 0.59461 %
Maine 1,344,212 5,235 0.38945 %
Vermont 623,989 1,731 0.27741 %

COVID-19 confirmed case numbers from The New York Times data repository, based on reports from state and local health agencies.
Population numbers from the US Census Bureau Data API (2019)

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We've 15 Responses

  1. July 1st, 2020 at 2:56 pm

    Thank you, I could not find this info anywhere else, we need to know this virus as a percentage. For instance California has a large percentage of the virus but has a large population. As such, the State has done well in comparison to other States in containment of the virus

  2. July 7th, 2020 at 11:29 pm

    Absolutely people should wear masks. . Wearing a mask is a form of protection for others. We do not know the percentage of asymptomatic carriers

    • July 20th, 2020 at 8:28 pm

      Masks are USELESS at stopping virus from entering or exiting the airway. Most educated people know this. Viruses are approximately 120 – 130 microns in size; and wearing a mask to stop a VIRUS is akin to installing a screen door on a submarine to prevent water from entering. Connect the dots. People have been lied to!. People’s businesses have been forced to shut down over otherwise inconsequential percentages, which only a decade ago would never pass for detstroying an entire economy, creating arbitrary rules as to which businesses are ‘essential’ or non-essential. I’ll tell you who is non-essential: all of these corrupt governors from democrat States who are destroying the lives and businesses of thousands over utterly minuscule percentages and a virus which has been entirely overblown – according to the medical establishment. Masks are only effective at stopping bacteria and spit from a sneeze from flying across a room. They are USELESS for viruses unless you’re have a N95 type.

      • August 4th, 2020 at 9:13 am

        @ Skip – I’ve read that same comparison and it’s true that that virus itself is very tiny, but it does not travel as a single cell. It travels in vapor from our breath, which is MUCH larger and WILL get trapped by a mask. This is why, for example, nursing home cases went down once masks were given to visiting nurses (prior, masks were saved for hospitals and visiting nurses wore no masks).

        The bottom line: to stop spreading this virus…we need to stop spreading it! That means not breathing on anyone. That’s all it takes.

        • August 21st, 2020 at 6:55 pm

          Stop breathing on anyone? I wasn’t breathing on people before this plandemic started, why would I be breathing on anyone now? How about we all just stop breathing?

          This is all nonsense to get people to accept a mandatory vaccine. Neither the CDC (a government agency) nor the WHO (a UN agency) can be trusted.

      • August 13th, 2020 at 10:55 pm

        I am with you. My company NO MASK NO WORK so I do wear it at work but it comes off when I walk out the door. I don’t wear the mask and I won’t be getting vaccination shot.

  3. July 20th, 2020 at 9:17 am

    Can you post countries testing for Covid as a percentage of population and sort that as how the countries are doing with Covid?

  4. September 1st, 2020 at 9:25 am

    I would like to see the 15-day moving average of daily new cases as a percentage of population by state. This will tell you more about the rate of the current spread by state versus telling us about rate of infection going back to March. We are 6 months into this so the simple average is 1/6th of the total average. If the US has about 1.5% of the population having had COVID at some point, this represents a daily infection rate of 0.25% of the population. Is the 15 day moving average greater or less than this 0.25%? I would think less than based on the data I have seen.

  5. September 3rd, 2020 at 12:00 pm

    2% confirmed cases in 6 mos. 94% of deaths had one or several co-mirbidity factors according the CDC and if you look at the CDC’s excess death measure it isn’t much higher than the 180k deaths attributed to COVID 19. This just in…Humans are mortal. Sadly we get old and die and even more sadly some of us die from health issues before we get the chance to grow old. Some of these factors are out of our control like my niece who has CF. Some of them are impacted by lifestyle choices like my uncle who smoked and died of young from emphysema. I think more dialog around what we can do to keep a healthy immune system so that our bodies can do what human bodies have been doing for 100000 years in fighting the never ending battle against viruses would be more productive than pretending that this one novel virus is the embodiment of 7 horses of the apocalypse. Keep calm and carry on people.

    • September 17th, 2020 at 9:47 am


      I read all of these and you spoke bluntly so I’m replying to you. We spent $6T, that’s 15 zeros on “containment”. 195K deaths. Do the math. Millions of $ on each death with a 6% morbidity rate “solely” due to coronavirus. It’s BS.

      One post was also blunt but failed to be completely accurate, again, math tells the story. A coronavirus (virion) is .12 microns in diameter. The US Textile industry publishes a ‘sieve’ rating for materials that it manufactures. A very good mask is 400 thread count cotton. That has a sieve rating of 37 microns. One hole in a 400 count cotton mask will eject or inhale about 296 X 296 (8700+-) coronavirus virions. Yes a mask might help in a rare case, but even an N-95 only filters out larger particles. Believe me, you’re breathing it.

      Last, the vaccine is not the answer, treatment is. A 99% cure rate is already possible, for everyone. It’s time to live our lives in freedom, not fear. Death is inevitable, and should reflect a good life, not a politically correct experiment gone haywire!



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