Percent of Population with Coronavirus COVID-19 – Bar Chart

This page is in the Code Graveyard; this data is outdated and was last updated in 2021.

This bar chart shows a visual representation of what percent of the population got coronavirus COVID-19 in each country. This is a ratio of confirmed coronavirus cases to the total population for each country, then multiplied by 100 to convert to percentage.

If you prefer to see a numerical list of the actual coronavirus percentage numbers, see it here.

(To see the rate of increase for global COVID-19 cases, see this, or rate of increase for global COVID-19 deaths, see this. Or see what percent of the population has died of coronavirus, or more coronavirus statistics here. Or jump down to see the source of this data.)

COVID-19 confirmed case numbers from Johns Hopkins CSSE Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Data Repository.
Population numbers from GeoNames, retrieved on 28 March 2020.

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