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Adding Jump Links Within The Same Document

Jump links are links that, when clicked, will jump down to a location on the same page.

The Organized Docs plugin has a feature that lets you add jump links, but only on documentation articles that are a lone, single doc for that parent category.

This would be an article that is assigned to a parent Docs category, and that Docs category has no children categories. (For example, you may have a small product who’s documentation is so small that it can fit all on one page, and so you don’t need to split the documentation into separate posts for this product.)

See an example of a product with only 1 documentation article: look at Example 1, Product 4.

For this special case in which the entire documentation is on one page, you can create jump links.

These jump links will appear on the Table of Contents sidebar. Each of these links will “jump down” to a subheading on the same page.

To enable these “jump-down” links, you must add subheadings within your article, wherever you want a link to jump down to. These sub-headings must be wrapped with the h2 tag with a unique ID that begins with docs-, like this

<h2 id="docs-installation">Your Sub-heading Title</h2> 

The ID above is docs-installation. Every sub-heading h2 tag on the page must have a unique id. So, the next ID could be docs-troubleshooting, and the sub-heading would look like this:

<h2 id="docs-troubleshooting">Another Title</h2> 

The ID must begin with docs- for the jump links to be created in the Table of Contents.

Updated on March 5, 2017

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