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(See the setup documentation for this plugin.)

WP Family Tree Renewed is a beautiful, simple way to display your family trees, family directory list of all family members, and individual pages for each person.

This WordPress plugin is the current, updated, and enhanced version of the original WP Family Tree plugin by Arvind Shah.

Since that WordPress plugin has closed on April 2019, I am going to continue to maintain it under this new name, “WP Family Tree Renewed.” (Upgrade to this new version.)

WP Family Tree Renewed stays close to the original design, while providing bug fixes and enhancements, such as displaying portraits on the family tree.

You can show multiple different family trees, it’s not limited to just one family. Or you can show different sections of a family tree by specifying the “root” or eldest person to display in a specific family tree.

In addition, each family member has their own post within a “Family” category. In the family member posts, you can specify spouse, birth date, death date, mother, and father.

The following are some of the the changes I made to this plugin from the original.

  • Show an image for each person on the family tree.
  • Show the spouse with the bio data for each member.
  • In addition to spouse, show “Partners” (if any) with the bio data. Partners are people who the person has common children with.
  • Mobile Compatibilty – Family tree diagrams can now be dragged on touch/mobile devices.
  • Mobile Compatibilty – Mobile repsonsive styles for family bio data on family member pages and family directory list.
  • The family list is now in alphabetical order by first name.
  • Added schema.org microdata for person to the single family member pages, and on the family members directory list page. Person properties include name, birth date, death date, spouse, parent, children, sibling, and image.

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