Hurricane Notice – WordPress Plugin

Hurricane Irma Notice - WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin is a fast and easy way to inform your visitors that support on your website is down due to a Hurricane. Once you activate the plugin, a message will be displayed at the very top of your website. This message will say, “SUPPORT IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE DUE TO HURRICANE.” Instructions to customize the wording of message are below.

The message will be highlighted in yellow. This is a site-wide notice, meaning that the message will be displayed on all pages of your WordPress site.

Here are the quick steps to use the plugin as is:

  1. Download the plugin (it’s a .zip file).
  2. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Go to “Plugins -> Add New“.
  4. Click “Upload Plugin“.
  5. Click “Browse” to locate the file on your computer.
  6. Click “Install Now“.
  7. Click “Activate Plugin“.

That’s it. At that point, the message will be visible on all pages of your site. To make sure that the changes take place, be sure to clear your browser’s cache. Also, clear any WordPress cache plugin that you may have.

When you want to take the notice down, simply deactivate the plugin.

Optional Customizations

To make any of the following changes, you must first unzip (extract) the .zip file which you downloaded in step 1. There will be 3 files inside the hurricane-notice folder. Make your desired changes, which are described below. Then, you must re-zip the hurricane-notice folder so that you will be able to upload it as a plugin.

  • To change the text of the message that is displayed, you’ll have to modify one line inside the hurricane-notice.js file. On line 4, change “SUPPORT IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE DUE TO HURRICANE” to your desired text.
  • To change the text color or background colors, you have to go into the hurricane-notice.css file. The default text color is red. The default background color is yellow. To change the text color, change #DC143C on line 3 to your desired color code. To change the background color, change #FFFF00 on line 2 to your desired color code.


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