WooCommerce Show Attributes version 1.2.1 Released

WooCommerce Show Attributes, a plugin for showing WooCommerce custom product attributes, has just been updated to version 1.2.1. This update adds several new options and one bug fix.

  1. The “Visible on the product page” checkbox for each individual product attribute will now be taken into account on the single product page. This is a WooCommerce native option, and is found on the Edit Product page, under the individual attribute settings. With today’s update, if you uncheck that box, then the attribute will not be shown on the single product page. However, it will still show up on the rest of the places as described in the plugin description.
  2. A new option is available, “Hide the Labels When Showing Product Attributes”, which lets you hide the labels and show only the values wherever the attributes are shown. The new option can be found on the WooCommerce Settings –> Product tab, under “Product Data.”
  3. A a new option is available, “Show Attributes in a span Element”, which lets you remove list bullets from the attributes on the single product page. The option is available on the WooCommerce Settings –> Product tab, under “Product Data.” This option will wrap the attributes in a span element instead of an unordered list. This is an easy way to get get rid of the list bullets, which has been requested by some. However, please note that it is semantically correct to use the list element. If you prefer to keep your code semantically correct, while still removing the list bullets, use the following CSS instead of enabling the option:
    ul.custom-attributes {
      list-style-type: none;
  4. This update fixes an error which affected some users while updating to the latest WooCommerce.

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