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How To Find Out Your PHP Info

Linux users see this instead: Create a PHP info Test Page in Linux Terminal


Follow these steps to see all your PHP info, including, but not limited to:

  • what version of PHP you’re running
  • your max filesize limit for uploads, whether its for images or any media
  • what PHP extensions you’re running?
  • your session save path
  • and the rest of your PHP info
  • Step 1 – Create phpinfo

    Create a new file with just this text:

    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    Save it with the filename: phpinfo.php.

    Step 2 – Upload it

    Upload the new file to your server, on the root of hosting account, or of your domain. Either one will work.

    Step 3

    On your web browser, go to
    Obviously, replace ‘’ with your own website address, whether it’s at .org, .net or whatever. There you will see all your PHP information about the version of PHP you’re running on your server.


    Everyone else in the world can also see that information if they go to that URL, so be sure to take down the phpinfo.php file when you’re done checking out your information.

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