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Web hosting account issues with host settings, php5.ini settings, server-side languages, server-side script settings, and more.

Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on GoDaddy Shared cPanel Hosting

These are the steps to create and install a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on your GoDaddy shared hosting account. While these steps have been tested on Godaddy shared cPanel hosting, they should work for any shared hosting company that has cPanel. This doesn’t work with GoDaddy’s classic web hosting because it doesn’t have cPanel. This … Read more →

Redirect To HTTPS, But Only Apply it to One Domain

Redirect your Godaddy domain from HTTP to HTTPS, but only apply it to one domain. This is necessary if you are hosting multiple “Add-on” domains in your Linux/cPanel hosting account. If you use Godaddy’s rules for your “Automatically Redirecting Visitors to HTTPS”, you will notice that all of your other domains which are hosted in … Read more →

Remove Ability To Edit Files in WordPress Admin Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard lets you edit plugin files in Plugins -> Editor. It also lets you edit theme template files in Themes -> Editor. You can remove the ability to edit these files in the dashboard. Removing the ability to edit files in admin can help stop some hack attacks. Some WordPress sites are hacked … Read more →

Optimized wp-config.php File

These settings go inside the wp-config.php file in the root of a WordPress installation. These are my favorite settings. If your site has ever been hacked by those “payday loans” links (you probably have GoDaddy hosting), be sure to do #4 below.