Eazyest Gallery IPTC Caption

WordPress plugin to use the IPTC Title as your image captions for Eazyest Gallery images. This is so that you don’t have to manually enter all the captions for your pictures.

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This WordPress plugin is an extension for Eazyest Gallery by Marcel B (pretty much my favorite WP plugin). This will update the caption for all the images in your Eazyest Gallery. If an image has an IPTC or Exif title, then that will become the new caption. If an image does not have an IPTC/Exif title, then it will keep its existing caption.

What I am calling “caption” is actually labeled as the “Content” column in the Gallery folder “Edit screen.” The fields in the “Content” column will be filled with the IPTC/Exif title, if one exists. See the “Content” column for image captions:

Eazyest Gallery IPTC Captions

What is the IPTC caption?
To most of you, this is best known as the picture’s “title” or “caption” in Windows. So, this is useful if you’ve given “titles” to your pictures in Windows, and you want Eazyest Gallery to use that title (as Lazyest Gallery used it).


After activating, go to your WordPress dashboard, “Eazyest Gallery -> IPTC Caption”. Click “Update Captions”.

If you later add new images to Eazyest Gallery, they will not be automatically affected. If you want your new images to use the IPTC title as caption, then you will have to run “Update Captions” again after you add the new pictures.

After you update the captions, you can deactivate or uninstall the plugin since it will not be doing anything. However, if you will be adding new images to the gallery, then you will probably want to keep this plugin installed so that you can run it again to update captions for the new images.


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