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This is a WordPress plugin to update the “alt” attribute for all images in your Eazyest Gallery. This is needed when using Eazyest Gallery with Jetpack’s Tiled Galleries. You’ll notice that the alt text is blank (unless you individually add alt text to each Media Library image.). Without Jetpack’s Tiled Galleries, Eazyest Gallery will give your images the “alt” attribute. But with Tiled Galleries, the “alt” attribute is blank.

This plugin fixes that problem. It will not override any existing “alt” text. If an Eazyest Gallery image has no “alt” text, then it will give it alt text. It will use the image caption (post_excerpt), if there is one, otherwise it will use the image title for the alt text.

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This WordPress plugin is an extension for Eazyest Gallery by Marcel B.


After activating, go to your WordPress dashboard, Eazyest Gallery –> “Bulk Edit Alt Text”. Check the box to ‘Please Agree’, then click “Update Alt Texts”.

If you later add new images to Eazyest Gallery, they will not be automatically affected. If you want your new images to get an “alt” text, then you will have to run “Update Alt Texts” again after you add the new pictures.

After you update the captions, you can deactivate or uninstall the plugin since it will not be doing anything. However, if you will be adding new images to the gallery, then you will probably want to keep this plugin installed so that you can run it again to all “alt” text for the new images.


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