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EDD Related Downloads -Free WordPress Plugin

Automatically show related downloads by tag or category when using Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

This is an extension for Easy Digital Downloads that automatically adds related downloads after the single download content on the single download page. It works by default without a need for any settings. By default, 3 related downloads will be shown, related by download_tag. The title and featured image will be displayed, centered nicely. The related downloads are added right below the content of the single download.

Optional – use it as widget:

It also adds a Related Downloads widget. You can use the widget if you prefer, and disable the automatic related downloads under the content.

Unobtrusive Styling – Fits right into your theme

* The featured images adopt your theme’s style for .wp-post-image.
* You can modify the image style with this selector: #isa-related-downloads img
* Responsive CSS is included so it looks good on any size screen.

Works automatically. No settings needed.

7 Optional Settings

1. Filter by Tag or Category
2. Show only image.
3. Change the number of related items to show
4. Custom Related Downloads Title
5. Disable Related Downloads From Being Added to Content
6. Change The Default Method of Sorting (Orderby)
7. Change The Default Sort Order

For more info, see the documentation.

Get the plugin free at WordPress.org.

  Fork it on GitHub.


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