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Tips and tricks for web developers and designers regarding fonts, text editors, HTML specs and more.

Georgia Aternative Fonts For UbuntuGeorgia Alternative Font Family For Ubuntu

If you use the Georgia font on your web pages, you probably set a CSS font family similar to this: The Georgia font is not included in Ubuntu or other Linux systems. So, visitors to your website that are on Ubuntu or Linux, instead of seeing your attractive Georgia font, will see a boring serif … Read more →

Add a Honeypot Field To Forms

This is a quick and simple way to add a honeypot field to any form. This works in WordPress, as well as in any form. Adding a honeypot field to forms is a quick and simple way to limit spam on your forms. A honeypot field is simply a field which is added to forms, … Read more →

Sublime Text 3 – Regex to Find an Opening HTML Tag

These regular expression examples are useful in Sublime Text 3 when you enable “Find” by Regular Expression. You can search for an HTML element’s opening tag, with or without specifying attributes. This example will search for just the opening tag of an HTML element. In this case, it’s an “a” link element. You can change … Read more →

Timezone Discrepancies between GeoNames Timezone ID and PHP IANA/Olson Timezones

This is a table of timezone discrepancies between two timezone databases: 1. Timezone id’s from GeoNames Timezone Database 2. PHP’s built-in Timezones from the IANA Time Zone Database (also known as Olson timezone database) This table lists timezone id’s for specific latitude and longitude coordinates for historical times (a time in the past). This table … Read more →

3 x 4 Image Ratios

These are some image sizes of 3 x 4 ratio. 34 x 45 45 x 60 40 x 53 50 x 67 95 x 127 111 x 148 150 x 200 175 x 233 180 x 240 185 x 247 200 x 267 300 x 400 360 x 480 375 x 500 400 x 533 … Read more →