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Lazyest Gallery Plugin Breadcrumb Show Image Filename Instead of Caption

This code changes the core file of the “Lazyest Gallery” Plugin for WordPress.

PURPOSE: Make the breadcrumb show the single image filename rather than the entire caption of the image. Be sure this is what you want before you make this change. I prefer the file name of the picture for the link in the breadcrumb because my captions are very, very long. Long captions as breadcrumb links look silly.

You only need to make one change on one line, in only one file of the plugin.

FILE: wp-content/plugins/lazyestgallery/inc/frontend.php
LINE: 892

The original line 892 looks like this:


Change that line into this:

   $image->form_name()// use filename rather than caption, isa

That’s all. Now you have shorter breadcrumbs.

NOTE: This code modifies the plugin core. If you do this, keep a change log of your changes. You’ll have to make these changes again after upgrading the Lazyest Gallery plugin to a new version. As always, modifications made to the plugin core will be overridden when you upgrade the plugin. The extra work is worth it to me, for a plugin that does what I want it to do. I keep a simple changelog, and re-doing the changes after an upgrade takes me about 2 minutes.


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