WooCommerce Max Quantity is Updated to 1.4

WooCommerce Max Quantity, the WordPress WooCommerce plugin that allows you to limit quantities per order, has been updated to version 1.4.

The two most important changes are:

  1. The plugin now allows you to set different max quantity limits for each individual product. See the new setup instructions and documentation for an explanation of the new setting.
  2. The max quantity limit now works with Variable products (products with variations). Previously, the plugin only worked with Simple products. Now, the plugin works with all products, Simple and Variable.

In addition to those two changes, there has been some code refactoring. Some functions were renamed. If you have added any custom code that uses any of these function handles, this list will apply to you.

Here is a list of the function names which were changed in version 1.4. If your custom code uses any of these, you should replace the name of the function with its new name.

  • isa_get_qty_alread_in_cart was changed to isa_wc_max_qty_get_cart_qty
  • isa_max_item_quantity_validation was changed to isa_wc_max_qty_add_to_cart_validation
  • add_isa_max_quantity_options was changed to isa_wc_max_qty_options
  • isa_woo_max_qty_load_textdomain was changed to isa_wc_max_qty_load_textdomain
  • isa_woo_max_qty_update_cart_validation was changed to isa_wc_max_qty_update_cart_validation
  • isa_woocommerce_quantity_input_args was changed to isa_wc_max_qty_input_args

In addition, one function was removed:

isa_woocommerce_available_variation, which was hooked to woocommerce_available_variation, was removed.

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