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Let Editor Manage Users in WordPress

Updated to work with PHP7 The Editor user role in WordPress cannot by default edit users. You may want to add that capability for clients whom you keep as ‘Editors’. This will let the Editor add new users (create new users), delete users, and edit users. This is done by adding capabilities to the Editor … Read more →

Remove Admin Menu Items From WordPress Dashboard

This shows you how to remove WP-admin menu items from your WordPress dashboard. First decide who you want to remove the menu items for. For all WordPress user Roles? Or just for your ‘Editor’ client? Or remove some menu items from the ‘Editor’ dashboard, and remove a different menu item from the ‘Author’ dashboard? After … Read more →

Assign Custom Post Type Capabilities to Roles in WordPress

This code assigns capabilities for a custom post type to existing user roles in WordPress without a plugin. This function is only needed if you used something other than ‘post’ for the ‘capability_type‘ argument when registering your new custom post type. If you didn’t specify a ‘capability_type’ other than ‘post’, then you do NOT need … Read more →