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This page is in the Code Graveyard where I lay to rest snippets of code that I don't use anymore. Some have lost their usefulness due to the evolving nature of the web, while others have been replaced with better code. "Be Ye Warned!"

In the single slide view, while viewing a single picture in the Lazyest Gallery (“Lazyest Gallery” Plugin by Macbrink), the previous and next buttons overlap the image caption when the caption is too long. The navigation buttons are floated, which accounts for this problem.

This is how i got the navigation buttons to clear the image captions:

FILE TO EDIT: wp-content/plugins/lazyest-gallery/inc/frontend.php

Find this code, which should be about line 1704:

<div class="lazyest_navigator" style="width:95%">

Change that line to this:

<div class="lazyest_navigator" style="width:95%"> <br /><br /> <!-- isabel -->
NOTE: This code modifies the plugin core. If you do this, keep a change log of your changes. You’ll have to make these changes again after upgrading the Lazyest Gallery plugin to a new version. As always, modifications made to the plugin core will be overridden when you upgrade the plugin. The extra work is worth it to me, for a plugin that does what I want it to do. I keep a simple changelog, and re-doing the changes after an upgrade takes me about 2 minutes.

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