Add Custom Content To Simple Membership Profile Page

This is the easiest way to add custom content to the top of the Simple Membership Profile page. (This is referring to the Simple Membership WordPress plugin.)

This way is quick. You do not need to create a custom template file for the Simple Membership Profile page. You do not need a child theme.

You can add content to the Simple Membership Profile Page by adding the following function to your functions file:

(See this for help on where to add this custom code.)

Before using the following code, be sure to replace THIS IS SOME CUSTOM CONTENT on line 6 with your own stuff. You can add HTML, as well.

 * Add custom content at the top of the Simple Membership Profile page
function abc_membership_profile_page_top( $default ) {

    $custom_content = 'THIS IS SOME CUSTOM CONTENT';

    // Load the default edit profile template
    if ( class_exists( 'SwpmUtilsTemplate' ) ) {
        SwpmUtilsTemplate::swpm_load_template('edit.php', false);
        $custom_content .= ob_get_clean();

    return $custom_content;
add_filter('swpm_profile_form_override', 'abc_membership_profile_page_top');

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