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Check if on a bbPress Forum Page

These are 3 conditional tags to check if you are on a bbPress forum page. These conditional statements also first check to see if the bbPress plugin for WordPress is active.

Check if on the main bbPress forum archives page:

if ( class_exists('bbPress') ) {
     if ( bbp_is_forum_archive() ) {

            echo 'You are on the Support Forums Archives. These are all the forums.';


Check if on a bbPress single forum page:

if ( class_exists('bbPress') ) {
     if ( bbp_is_single_forum() ) {

         echo 'This is a single forum. Here you see all the topics for one forum.';


Check if on any bbPress page:

if ( class_exists('bbPress') ) {
      if ( is_bbpress() ) { 

         echo 'This page somehow corresponds to bbPress plugin.';


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