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Tutorials about how to add structured data to WordPress and non-WordPress sites.

Remove hentry from post_class in WordPress

If you are using microdata instead of microformats, you may notice that WordPress automatically adds the class “hentry” to the post_class. This may create errors for you in the Google Structured Data Testing Tool. This Google toole will think you are using microformats since the “hentry” class gets added to your posts. So, even if … Read more →

Add SoftwareSourceCode Structured Data To SyntaxHighlighter Evolved WordPress pluginAdd SoftwareSourceCode Structured Data To SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

Add structured data to your SyntaxHighlighter Evolved code snippets. This adds the “SoftwareSourceCode” schema type to your code snippets if you’re using the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved WordPress plugin (by Alex Mills/Viper007Bond and Automattic). Schema.org has replaced the previous “Code” schema type with the new “SoftwareSourceCode” schema type. The following code will wrap your SyntaxHighlighter Evolved code … Read more →

Add itemprop:image Microdata to WordPress Featured Image

This code adds structured data from Schema.org to your WordPress thumbnails (a.ka. featured images). It will add the attribute itemprop:image inside the <img> tag of the featured image. This simple method doesn’t require you to add anything to your functions.php file. You just pass the parameter along in the “the_post_thumbnail” template tag. This is done … Read more →