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Transfer Files From Server to Server via Terminal

This is a quick way to transfer or move files from one server to another server via the command line. This uses SSH. Before you begin, make sure your web host allows SSH connections. Some hosts require that you first enable SSH before they give you access. This works in a linux terminal (or PuTTY … Read more →

Install WordPress via SSH Command Line

Save time! These are the SSH commands to get the latest WordPress package and install it on your server. This is a lot faster than downloading WordPress and uploading it to your server via FTP. To run these commands, you must have an SSH client installed. (On Windows, you can use PuTTY, which you can … Read more →

Copy SSH Public Key to Server Without ssh-copy-id

This command will copy your ssh public key from your local machine to your server. This is an alternative for when you don’t have the ssh-copy-id command (for example, on Windows). Replace [user]@[host] with your own username and host. This creates the .ssh directory on the remote host with proper permissions, if it doesn’t exist. … Read more →