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Bash Shell Script To Create a Release on GitHub

This shell script will create a new Release on GitHub for your git repo. This script should be placed in the base of your local git repository. You must configure the first 3 variables: ACCESSTOKEN – Set this to your personal GitHub access token. You can create an access token in your GitHub account > … Read more →

Git Commands – Quick Reference

These common Git commands are listed here for quick reference. Create a new branch in Git See all branches: Checkout a branch in Git Delete all directories named “_vti_cnf” Add files to be committed: add only files created or modified, not those deleted. Add files to be committed: add only files deleted or modified, not … Read more →

Bulk Delete Tags in Local Git Repo and GitHub.com

These are commands to delete version tags in bulk, both in a local Git repository, and a remote repo, such as GitHub.com. You can delete all tags, or use regexp to delete a select group of tags. You may modify the examples below to suit your needs. These commands work using Git Bash. 1. Bulk … Read more →