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Insert Google Adsense Native In-article ad on Regular WordPress Posts, and AMP ad on AMP pages

This is one code snippet to insert Google Adsense ads on all your WordPress posts, both regular and AMP. (This code works with the official AMP for WordPress plugin.) This one code snippet will automatically insert one Google Adsense ad after the first paragraph of every post. On regular posts, it will insert a “Native … Read more →

Accelerated Mobile Pages Social Media Sharing Buttons For WordPress AMPSocial Media Sharing Buttons For WordPress AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Updated for AMP 0.4, which adds a footer. This is how you can add social media sharing buttons to your WordPress Accelerated Mobile Pages. This works with the WordPress AMP plugin by Automattic. These social media sharing links have no JavaScript. This includes a Twitter “Tweet” link, a Facebook share link, Google+ share link, and … Read more →