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Shell commands for command prompt (command line) and ssh terminal commands and code snippets.

Set Startup Display Brightness in Peppermint 4

This shows you how to adjust the screen brightness in Peppermint 4 OS, and make it start up with that brightness level. This shows you how to add an autostart .desktop file to make it start up at your desired brightness level. First, decide on your brightness level. In terminal, use this command to adjust … Read more →

Solved: Getting Wireless Wifi To Work on Peppermint OS

I installed Peppermint 4 OS on a very old Sony Vaio VGN-FS742/W. After updating and confirming that all packages, drivers, and firmware were properly installed, Wifi still would not work. Type of Wireless Connector: PRO/Wireless 2200BG [Calexico2] Network Connection by Intel Corporation (IEEE 802.11bg) Peppermint was apparently “blocking” my card, or something. I finally got … Read more →

Git Commands – Quick Reference

These common Git commands are listed here for quick reference. Create a new branch in Git See all branches: Checkout a branch in Git Delete all directories named “_vti_cnf” Add files to be committed: add only files created or modified, not those deleted. Add files to be committed: add only files deleted or modified, not … Read more →

Make Ubuntu Recognize Wifi Wireless Network Card

This is a problem for many users that install Ubuntu for the first time. Your Wifi will not work. You’ve tried everything to get Ubuntu to recognize your Wireless Network Card. You may have already tried this without success: The following fix will work if your Wireless Network controller ( 802.11b WLAN ) product is … Read more →

Bulk Delete Tags in Local Git Repo and GitHub.com

These are commands to delete version tags in bulk, both in a local Git repository, and a remote repo, such as GitHub.com. You can delete all tags, or use regexp to delete a select group of tags. You may modify the examples below to suit your needs. These commands work using Git Bash. 1. Bulk … Read more →

Install WordPress via SSH Command Line

Save time! These are the SSH commands to get the latest WordPress package and install it on your server. This is a lot faster than downloading WordPress and uploading it to your server via FTP. To run these commands, you must have an SSH client installed. (On Windows, you can use PuTTY, which you can … Read more →

Copy SSH Public Key to Server Without ssh-copy-id

This command will copy your ssh public key from your local machine to your server. This is an alternative for when you don’t have the ssh-copy-id command (for example, on Windows). Replace [user]@[host] with your own username and host. This creates the .ssh directory on the remote host with proper permissions, if it doesn’t exist. … Read more →