ZodiacPress 2.0 is Released with Important Changes

Be sure to clear any caches, including cache plugin and your browser cache after updating to version 2.0.

ZodiacPress version 2.0 has breaking changes for these two cases:

  1. If you currently use your own atlas database. The fix is described below.
  2. If your website’s PHP version is less than 5.6.

If you fall into either one of those two cases, then do not update to ZodiacPress 2.0 until you handle these two issues.

If you use GeoNames, then you have nothing to worry about, as long as your PHP version is at least 5.6 or higher. Although, please read below for some other important changes that may affect you, and some great news.

To check if you use GeoNames or your own atlas database, go to ZodiacPress > Settings > Misc tab. The “Choose Atlas” setting tells you what you are using.

If you use your own atlas database

If you use your own atlas database instead of GeoNames, then updating to ZodiacPess version 2.0 will stop the birth report from working. This is because the ability to you use your own atlas database has been moved out of the core ZP plugin, and into its own extension plugin called ZP Atlas.

To make everything continue running smoothly, if you use your own atlas database, then you must install the ZP Atlas plugin before you update to ZodiacPress 2.0. You can install ZP Atlas right now.

Once you have installed ZP Atlas, be sure to click “Activate” to active it. Then you can update to ZodiacPress 2.0 with no worries.

If your website’s PHP version is less than 5.6

As of version 2.0, ZodiacPress no longer supports PHP versions that are lower than 5.6. If you have PHP version 5.4 or 5.5, you must ask your web hosting provider to update your PHP version.

Other Important Changes

Form Title is Removed

The form title used to be displayed above the birth report form. It used to say, “Get An Astrology Birth Report.”

It is now removed in version 2.0.

Some of you had removed it anyway by adding form_title="" to the shortcode using the steps on this page. In that case, there will be no difference to your users.

On the other hand, if you had set a custom title by adding something like this into your shortcode:

form_title="Custom Title"

…then you will have to now manually add that title to your page.

If you are using the form_title inside the birthreport shortcode in any way, for example like this:

[birthreport form_title="Custom Title"]

or like this:

[birthreport form_title=""]

…then you can safely remove the form_title because it no longer does anything, as of version 2.0.

The zp_shortcode_default_form_title filter is removed

If you are using the the zp_shortcode_default_form_title filter in any custom code, then please note that this filter is removed in 2.0.

System Info is moved to the new WordPress Site Health Info

The original ZodiacPress “System Info” which was used for debugging, has now moved from the ZP Tools page to the new WordPress Site Health Info page. This new page can be found in your WordPress admin > Tools > Site Health. Click “Info” then scroll down to the ZodiacPress section.

The Great News

I am thrilled to announce that in version 2.0, ZodiacPress only loads one JavaScript file: zp.js for a much, much, much lighter footprint!

And this file is plain vanilla JavaScript. Version 2.0 removed all front end jQuery dependency, including jQuery Autocomplete! Previously, ZodiacPress would depend on jquery-ui-autocomplete, which would load no less than 8 JavaScript files:

  • jquery/jquery.js
  • jquery/jquery-migrate.js
  • jquery/ui/core.min.js
  • jquery/ui/widget.min.js
  • jquery/ui/position.min.js
  • jquery/ui/menu.min.js
  • jquery/ui/autocomplete.min.js
  • wp-a11y.js

In addition, the plugin loaded its own two JavaScript files:

  • zp-autocomplete.js
  • zp.js

These last two files have been merged into one file.

I’m very happy to go from loading ten files to only one. Although, my quest to optimize and slim down everything is not yet finished.


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