ZodiacPress Windows Server

This plugin is discontinued. Documentation remains here for those who need it.


ZodiacPress Windows Server

(See the setup documentation for this plugin.)

ZodiacPress Windows Server is a WordPress plugin that makes ZodiacPress (and other astrology plugins) work on Windows hosting.

If your website uses Windows hosting, you need ZodiacPress Windows Server if you want any of these plugins to work:

  • ZodiacPress
  • Daily Moon Forecast
  • Current Planetary Positions

The plugin is available for free download on this page.

It’s perfectly safe to install the plugin even if your site doesn’t use Windows hosting. The plugin will check for Windows hosting, and it will do nothing if your site is not hosted on Windows.

Technical Details

ZP Windows Server makes the Swiss Ephemeris work on a Windows operating system. ZP Windows Server overrides the default Swiss Ephemeris execution file with one that works on Windows.

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