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Top 20 Themes With Most Active Installs

If you wanted to know which themes on the theme directory have the highest number of active installs, you can see those here. The stats on this page are always current because they will be refreshed every seven days.

These are themes with the highest number of active installs, not necessarily the most “Popular” according to the WordPress theme directory. This is because the WordPress theme directory uses other metrics to calculate how “Popular” a theme is. They don’t simply use the number of active installs to calculate theme popularity. (This is okay because popularity has more to do with likability rather than just usage.)

Here, I just care about usage.

The list on this page includes the top twenty most active themes, starting with the number one theme with the most active installs. Please note that if two or more themes have the same number of active installs, then those are ranked in order of the highest rating based on the star ratings average.

Each theme will include its theme name, author, number of active installs, average rating, and a screenshot of the theme.

Please also note that the official themes by are excluded from this list because those are obviously well-represented among the top twenty since those are distributed with the WordPress package. However, themes by Automattic and/or WooThemes and/or Matt Mullenweg are fair game because those themes are not bundled with WordPress.

There was an error retrieving the data from the API. Please try refreshing the page.


I hope you enjoyed this compilation of the top twenty actively installed themes. This list will be automatically updated every seven days with current stats.

See also the plugins with the most active installs.

If you would like to see the code I used to gather these stats from the Themes API, see How To Use API To Get Theme Stats From The Themes Directory.


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  1. October 13th, 2018 at 3:48 am

    Nice post Isabel, would be interesting to see trending themes i.e. themes installed in the last week only (think your post shows 2018 total unless I have misunderstood) to see how this compares to ‘most popular’. Keep up the good work!


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