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4 Ways To Add Custom Code To Your WordPress Website

In my WordPress help articles and documentation, you’ll find some articles that have custom code with instructions to “add this code to your functions file,” or “add this filter,” or “add this action,” or something like that. Here are four different ways that you can use to add custom functions or filters or actions to […]

90s Computer - Using Too Many Plugins Does Not Automatically Slow Your Site Down

Using Too Many Plugins Does Not Automatically Slow Your Site Down

Compare this 1990s desktop computer to a smartphone that makes phone calls, takes photos, records video, serves as your alarm clock, can measure your heart rate, and handle many more apps. Which one runs faster? If you’ve spent any time using WordPress, you’ve no doubt run into comments about people not wanting to use too […]

MailChimp API Version 3.0 Signup Form for WordPress

Add a MailChimp API Version 3.0 Signup Form To WordPress Without a Plugin

This is the most lightweight way to add a MailChimp email signup form using their API v3.0. This uses only 89 lines of code, no plugin. This lightweight MailChimp subscription form assumes you want users to subscribe to your email list. This code disables “Double Opt-in” which means that users will NOT be sent a […]

Delete WordPress Post Revisions, With Related Meta and Terms

This snippet will delete WordPress post revisions, along with any related meta and terms. Rather than delete post revisions using a $wpdb query, this uses wp_delete_post which takes care of removing related meta, taxonomy terms, etc. IMPORTANT NOTE: You should only run this snippet once. There are several ways to make sure of this. Some […]

Easy Steps To Move a WordPress Site From One Hosting Account To Another

These are the easy and complete steps that I follow to move a WordPress site from one hosting account to another (i.e. from one server to another). This method keeps my entire WordPress site intact through the move. This has worked for me over a hundred times (I’ve lost count), and nothing has broken during […]