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Pure CSS Responsive Mobile Toggle MenuPure CSS Responsive Mobile Toggle Menu

This is a CSS-only way to convert your site’s menu into a mobile responsive menu that is wide on desktop screens, and automatically turns into a toggle-menu on small mobile screens. A toggle-menu is a menu that will be closed until you tap on the menu button. When the menu button is tapped, the menu … Read more →

Remove URL Query String Parameters from Gravatars in WordPress

This snippet will remove the query string parameters from the source URL for Gravatar images in your comments section on your WordPress site. By default, WordPress blog comments will show avatar images with a URL source like this: http://0.gravatar.com/avatar/0ebe00be0c94f480326043b9b4c1258a?s=80&d=default&r=g The query string at the end of the Gravatar URLs for your site may be different, … Read more →