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WordPress.com and WordPress.org are in the Same BoatWordPress.com and WordPress.org are in the Same Boat

Some people believe there is a conflict of interest between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Or, between Matt Mullenweg, Automattic, and WordPress.org. To be clear, I am not here discussing the features of WordPress.com versus WordPress.org. If you’re looking for a comparison between the two platforms, you will not find it here. I hope to talk here … Read more →

Migrate a WordPress Site To Free AwardSpace HostingMigrate a WordPress Site To Free AwardSpace Hosting

Do you have a WordPress website that is just sitting there without much activity? Maybe it’s a hobby website, or a small business website that you manage for a relative. Would you like to have it hosted for free on AwardSpace? This shows you how to move your existing WordPress website to a free AwardSpace … Read more →

GeoNames Data Dump Files – Usage Example

This is an example of how to use the GeoNames data dump files on your own server. This gives you the steps to import the GeoNames data into your own MySQL database. This example will only use the allCountries.txt data file from the GeoNames data download page. Go ahead and download that file, now. You … Read more →

MYSQLI DELETE Prepared Statement

This is how to make a PHP mysqli DELETE query with a prepared statement. This example includes error checking at every step. Error checking will help you debug your prepared mysqli query when it’s failing and you don’t know why. You can use this example to help you debug any mysqli prepared statement, not only … Read more →