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Daily Moon Forecast

Daily Moon Forecast WordPress Plugin

Display the current transiting moon zodiac sign and interpretation forecast, with option to add custom interpretations.

Daily Moon Forecast plugin adds a widget to WordPress that displays the current moon zodiac sign along with a forecast, which updates automatically as the moon sign changes. The widget also displays the current local date and time of the viewer, as given by the viewer’s browser.

You can also use the shortcode to insert Daily Moon Forecast on any page or post.

The forecast is simply a one-sentence or two-sentence suggestion of the general mood in the air according to the zodiac sign the moon is in. Twelve forecasts are included, one for each of the twelve zodiac signs. By default, the widget will use the included forecasts. You have the option to write your own custom forecast for each moon sign in Settings -> Daily Moon Forecast.

Daily Moon Forecast uses the Swiss Ephemeris to get the longitude of the moon.

For more info, see the documentation.

Get the plugin free at WordPress.org. Support is also available, there.

  Fork it on GitHub.