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Comment Notifier No Spammers

Comment Notifier No Spammers

Let your visitors subscribe to comments. They will then be notified by email when others comment on the same post.

You can customize the notification emails on the setting page.

The settings page also shows, at the bottom, the list of all subscribers. From there, you can unsubscribe people, if you wish.

  • Let visitors subscribe to comments.
  • Do NOT subscribe spammers.
  • Removes spammers from your “Comment Notifier” list.
  • Seamlessly and easily switch from “Comment Notifier”.

This is an alternative to Comment Notifier

This is an alternative to Comment Notifier by Stefano Lissa.

The main difference is that this new plugin will not subscribe spammers while their comment is pending moderation. Only approved comments will be subscribed. Comments authors in moderation will only be subscribed if, and when, you approve their comment.

In particular, this new plugin fixes this problem.

The problem is that the original Comment Notifier plugin subscribes the email address as soon as the submitted comment goes into moderation. This means that spammers get added to the list of subscribers, immediately. Later, when you delete the spam comments, the spammer’s email remains in the list of subscribers.

You could have hundreds, even thousands, of spammer email addresses in that list. Then, when you approve a legit comment, your server sends out emails to all of the post subscribers (including spammers), which can cause server overload, among other problems.

This plugin, **Comment Notifier No Spammers**, fixes that by ignoring comments in moderation until they are approved by you. This means less load on your server.

Easily Switch From Comment Notifier

  • Removes spammers from your “Comment Notifier” list.
  • Seamlessly and easily switch from “Comment Notifier”.

If you were using Comment Notifier plugin, then it is easy to switch to this plugin. Simply install this one, and deactivate that one. Your existing approved comments, and legit subscribers, will not be lost. If you want to make sure you don’t get any new spammers added to your comment_notifier list, then you should deactivate the old plugin immediately after activating this new one. The reason is because the new plugin will only clean up after the old plugin once, upon activation. If you leave the old plugin activated, you’ll continue to get spammers added to your list.

Bonus Clean Up

Upon activation, this plugin will clean up your “comment_notifier” list (database table) by removing all spammer emails (emails of people that do NOT have an approved comment). (This only applies to you if you were using the original Comment Notifier plugin.) It will also empty your Comments “Trash” and “Spam”. This clean up is only done once, upon plugin activation.

Get the plugin free at WordPress.org. Support is also available, there.

  Fork it on GitHub.