Use Sidereal Zodiac

Since version 1.3, ZodiacPress lets you offer reports using the sidereal zodiac. Use one of the following shortcodes on a page or post where you want to display the form for the report.

Use the shortcode for the Sidereal method you wish to use:

For Fagan/Bradley:

[birthreport sidereal="fagan/bradley"]

For Hindu/Lahiri:

[birthreport sidereal="lahiri"]

For Raman:

[birthreport sidereal="raman"]

For Krishnamurti:

[birthreport sidereal="krishnamurti"]

Set a House System

If you want this report use Whole Sign houses instead of Placidus houses, add house_system="W" to the shortcode, like this:

[birthreport sidereal="lahiri" house_system="W"]

Note that the “W” is case sensitive (upper case).

See this for all the available house systems.

Updated on April 22, 2021