ZodiacPress House Systems

Setup Instructions

After you download the plugin from its main page, install and activate the plugin in your WordPress Plugins page (see this for help).

Upon activation, three new settings are added to ZodiacPress.

  1. The Add House Comparison Tables setting lets you add the House Systems Comparison data tables to the bottom of the Birth Report. This setting if found on the ZodiacPress Display Settings page. Go to ZodiacPress > Settings > Natal Report tab > Display.
  2. The House System setting lets you set a default house system which will be used to calculate house cusps for the Birth Report. This will affect the “Planets/Points in The Houses” section of the report. This setting is found on the Misc Tab because in the future, it will apply to all custom reports, not only the Natal Report. Go to ZodiacPress > Settings > Misc tab.
  3. The Limit Styles Loading is an optional setting. Most people can ignore this setting. This plugin adds a CSS style sheet to make the House Systems tables look good. By default, this style sheet is loaded on all pages. This setting lets you enter one, or more, post IDs so that the style sheet will only load on those post IDs. This is useful if you want the style sheet to load only on the post that has the birth report, and the post that has your Compare House Systems report. Enter the post IDs separated by comma. Note that only POST IDs will work here, not PAGE IDs.

In addition to adding these House tables to the regular Birth Report, you can offer just a “Compare House Systems” report that will consist of only the House Systems Comparison tables. See this for instructions.

Updated on January 20, 2021

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