ZodiacPress Planet Lookup

Setup Planet Lookup

Install and activate the plugin in your WordPress Plugins page (see this for help).

(Please note that this plugin only works with ZodiacPress version 1.3 and above. This will not work with ZodiacPress versions below 1.3.)

Upon activating the plugin, you’ll be able to show a form for a “planet lookup” on any page or post by adding one of the following shortcodes. Use the shortcode for the planet/point that you want to look up on that page.

For Sun:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_sun"]

For Moon:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_moon"]

For Mercury:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_mercury"]

For Venus:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_venus"]

For Mars:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_mars"]

For Jupiter:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_jupiter"]

For Saturn:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_saturn"]

For Uranus:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_uranus"]

For Neptune:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_neptune"]

For Pluto:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_pluto"]

For Chiron:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_chiron"]

For Black Moon Lilith:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_lilith"]

For North Node:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_nn"]

For Part of Fortune:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_pof"]

For Vertex:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_vertex"]

For Ascendant:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_asc"]

For Midheaven:

[birthreport report="planet_lookup_mc"]

Optional Settings

This plugin adds a new tab to the ZodiacPress settings, called “Planet Lookup.” See the settings info.

Updated on May 8, 2019

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