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Remove a House System From The House Positions Data Table

The House Positions data table (aka Planets’ and Points’ House Positions By House System) lists house positions for multiple house systems.

If you want to remove a house system row from this table, follow the directions for removing a house system from the house cusps data table, but make the following change:

On the last line of each of the examples, you must replace 'zphs_cusps_table_omit_house_sys' with 'zphs_house_pos_table_omit_house_sys' if you want to remove the House Positions data table.

If you want to remove a house system from both data tables, then add the example from that page, leaving the last line as is, and then add it again replacing 'zphs_cusps_table_omit_house_sys' with 'zphs_house_pos_table_omit_house_sys'.

Updated on May 8, 2019

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