Offer Only a Chart Wheel

Separately from the regular birth report, you can offer only a chart wheel drawing.

You can show the form for the “Only Chart Drawing” report using the same shortcode as for the regular birth report, but adding report="drawing", like this:

[birthreport report="drawing"]

Place that shortcode on a page or post where you want to display the form for the “Only Chart Drawing” report.

Allow Unknown Birth Time

If you want to allow people with unknown birth times to generate a chart wheel drawing, go to ZodiacPress > Settings. Click the “Only a Chart Drawing” tab. Check the box to “Allow Unknown Birth Time.” Click “Save Changes.” This will allow people with unknown birth times to get a basic chart wheel without house divisions. Their chart will be drawn for 12:00 time. Their chart will omit Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Part of Fortune and Vertex.

The following section is no longer relevant since ZodiacPress version 2.0. It remains here for anyone that is using an older version of ZodiacPress. ☠

Change The Form Title

That title that will be displayed above that form is:

Get Your Birth Chart Wheel

You can change that to a custom title by adding form_title="Custom Title" to the shortcode.

In the following example, replace Custom Title with your own desired text:

[birthreport report="drawing" form_title="Custom Title"]

If you prefer to remove the form title completely, you can do it like this:

[birthreport report="drawing" form_title=""]

Updated on April 22, 2021