If Your Website Has Very Heavy Traffic

ZodiacPress uses GeoNames webservices to get birth place latitude/longitude coordinates and the timezone ID. Every time the ZodiacPress form is filled out and submitted, it accesses the GeoNames geographical database through its webservices.

GeoNames imposes a limit to how many times it can be accessed. They measure usage by “credits.” Free GeoNames accounts are limited to 20,000 credits per day, per username. They are also limited to 2,000 credits per hour, per username.

The ZodiacPress birth report form uses at least 1 credit every time the form is submitted. (It uses one credit for looking up a city. If the user types another city, that uses another credit.)

So, with GeoNames limits, that means that the form will work a maximum of 2,000 times per hour, and a maximum of 20,000 times per day.

Tip: If you’re using ZodiacPress on more than one site, use a different GeoNames username for each site. That allows you the maximum credits per each site rather than making you share credits across sites.

This limit is okay for many websites, but if your website gets more traffic than that, you will need to purchase credits for GeoNames Premium Webservices.

(Or use the ZP Atlas plugin to avoid GeoNames altogether.)

GeoNames allows you to purchase credits for GeoNames Premium Webservices so that your form can handle more traffic. This also comes with added benefits which you can see on their page.

Updated on January 20, 2021

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