Get All ZodiacPress Interpretations Texts

This gets all your interpretations texts that you have entered in ZodiacPress. It will go through all the options in the WordPress database and collect every interpretation text. It returns them all in one array.


function isa_zp_get_all_interps() {

	// Collect all interpretions options
	$option_names = zp_get_all_interps_options_names();
	$interps = array();
	foreach ( $option_names as $option ) {
		$interps_type = get_option( $option, array() );

		if ( $interps_type ) {

			foreach ($interps_type as $key => $value) {

				$interp = trim( $value );

				$interps[ $option ][ $key ] = $interp ? $interp : 'This interpretation is blank. The site owner has not yet entered their own astrological text here.';

	//$a = json_encode( $interps );// @todo for exporting


	return $interps;

Updated on July 9, 2019

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