Setting File Permissions For The swetest File

ZodiacPress includes a file that must have permissions set to 0755 (CHMOD 0755) in order to get the planetary positions from the Swiss Ephemeris. The file is named swetest and its path is:


The plugin tries to set these permissions automatically.

If you received this error notice:

Your server did not allow ZodiacPress to set the necessary file permissions for the Ephemeris. ZodiacPress requires this in order to create astrology reports.

…it means that your server did not allow the plugin to set file permissions.

You can try to manually set the permission for this file (zodiacpress/sweph/swetest) to 0755.

Most web hosts allow you to set file permissions. Contact your web host, or check their support pages to see how to set the file permissions.

If your web host uses cPanel, you should be able to do this, easily. In cPanel, go the File Manager. In the cPanel File Mananger, navigate to the ZodiacPress’s ‘sweph’ directory, which should be in your WordPress plugin directory:


In the ‘sweph’ directory, you’ll find the swetest file. Look at the last column on the right to make sure that this file has permissions set to ‘0755’ like this:

cPanel file manager permissions

If it does not have permissions set to ‘0755’, you can change the permissions by selecting that file and clicking “Permissions” near the top right of the screen. To set the file permissions to 0755, make sure it matches this:

Setting File Permissions to 0755 in cPanel

If you confirm that the file (zodiacpress/sweph/swetest) has the proper permissions set to 0755, and yet the birth report is still not working, then check the other ZodiacPress Troubleshooting documentation articles for other possible causes.

Updated on May 8, 2019

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