Entering Interpretations

By default, birth reports will list the planets in signs, planets in houses, and aspects. This list will not include interpretations until you enter your own interpretations. This is a sample of how the birth report looks without interpretations:

ZodiacPress Planets in Signs section of report with no interpretations

Planets in Signs section of report with no interpretations

To enter your interpretations, go to “ZodiacPress” in your dashboard menu. Under the “In Signs” tab, you’ll see links for each Planet that you enabled in the settings. When you enter an interpretation, BE SURE TO click “Save Changes” at the bottom of each page before navigating between these links.

The same goes for the “In Houses” tab and the “Aspects” tab. Under each tab, you’ll see the planets (or aspects) which you enabled in the settings. You’re not required to fill in ALL of interpretations. Birth reports will still list all of the planets in signs, planets in houses, and aspects, even if the interpretations are not entered. Birth reports will include a particular interpretation if it exists (i.e. if you’ve entered it).

Here is a sample of a birth report that does not have an interpretation for “Sun in Sagittarius” or “Mercury in Sagittarius.” Notice that they are still listed on the report, even though an interpretation for those does not exist.

ZodiacPress Report Missing Interpretations

Sample report with some missing interpretations

Note that there is a setting to Hide Empty Titles that will hide a title when its interpretation is missing. See the Full Setup Guide for details.

Allowed HTML Tags

You can use some basic HTML tags in the interpretations, including a (links), strong (bold text), em (italics), and img (images). Here are examples for how to add each.

  • A Link
    Replace URL with the web page to link to. Replace “clickable link text” with your own text.

    <a href="URL">clickable link text</a> 
  • Bold Text
    Replace “bold text” with your own text.

    <strong>bold text</strong> 
  • Italics
    Replace “text in italics” with your own text.

    <em>text in italics</em> 
  • Images
    Replace “URL” with the full URL of the image file (you can upload an image in the Media Library, then get its file URL). Replace “Image description” with your own. Replace ’42’ with the height and width of the image.

    <img src="URL" alt="Image description" height="42" width="42" /> 

HTML Character Entities

You can use character entities in your interpretations. Here are a few fun character entities with their codes.

★ Star. Use this code: &#9733;
✶ Six-point star. Use this code: &#10038;
∞ Infinity symbol. Use this code: &#8734;
⥾ Aries glyph (really a fish). Use this code: &#10622;

♈ Aries glyph. Use this code: &#9800;
♉ Taurus glyph. Use this code: &#9801;
♊ Gemini glyph. Use this code: &#9802;
♋ Cancer glyph. Use this code: &#9803;
♌ Leo glyph. Use this code: &#9804;
♍ Virgo glyph. Use this code: &#9805;
♎ Libra glyph. Use this code: &#9806;
♏ Scorpio glyph. Use this code: &#9807;
♐ Sagittarius glyph. Use this code: &#9808;
♑ Capricorn glyph. Use this code: &#9809;
♒ Aquarius glyph. Use this code: &#9810;
♓ Pisces glyph. Use this code: &#9811;

⨀ Sun glyph (big o dot). Use this code: &#10752;
☀ Sun with rays. Use this code: &#9728;
☽ First quarter moon. Use this code: &#9789;
☾ Last quarter moon. Use this code: &#9790;
☿ Mercury. Use this code: &#9791;
♀ Venus glyph (female symbol). Use this code: &#9792;
⨁ Earth glyph (Big circle plus). Use this code: &#10753;
♁ Earth alternate. Use this code: &#9793;
♂ Mars glyph (male symbol). Use this code: &#9794;
♃ Jupiter. Use this code: &#9795;
♄ Saturn. Use this code: &#9796;
♅ Uranus. Use this code: &#9797;
♆ Neptune. Use this code: &#9798;
♇ Pluto. Use this code: &#9799;
⚷ Chiron. Use this code: &#9911;

☯ Yin Yang. Use this code: &#9775;
☮ Peace symbol. Use this code: &#9774;

♥ Heart. Use this code: &#9829;
♪ Musical eighth note. Use this code: &#9834;
♫ Musical beamed eighth notes. Use this code: &#9835;
♬ Musical beamed sixteenth notes. Use this code: &#9836;
• Bullet. Use this code: &bull;
— Long dash. Use this code: &mdash;

Here is a complete list of HTML character entities with the different formats to display them. Be sure to use the HTML numeric format. The HTML numeric format can be seen when you hover over an entity (it’s the last format).

Updated on April 22, 2021